A Magickal Attraction Primer – The Basics of Beauty Spells

You may have encountered them by Soul Crazy accident or in your spiritual searches – beauty spells. Spells promise to do everything from clearing your complexion to increasing your overall sex appeal. While you should be wary of some magickal claims (i.e., a beauty incantation promising to change your eye color is just as unrealistic as a money spell promising to make a huge stack of cash appear in front of you), you should also remember that beauty magick is an authentic, powerful addition to an individual’s spiritual arsenal. If you’ve ever wanted the skinny on beauty spells – what they are, how they work, and how to select a good one – this is the place for you.

The history of beauty spells

Typically, when we think of ancient magicks, we think of curses and enchantments for power. However, beauty spells are historically some of the oldest charms available. Hollywood and magick facilitate this in popular culture, depicting individuals seeking an ancient book or magickal recipe designed to bring power, fame, fortune, or disaster.

Incantations for beauty and attractiveness are found throughout literature from the Middle Ages. Papyri and clay fragments with supernatural attractiveness remedies have been dated to ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Prayers and rituals for beauty are also found in every major world religion. The need for sex appeal and the magical means to get it seems to have been a facet of human existence for as long as history has been recorded.


What are beauty spells, and how do they work?

A beauty spell is, broadly, any charm, magic, invocation, or glamour used to enhance an individual’s physical attractiveness. A spell that increases sex appeal, as well as one designed to enhance breast size (yes, these exist and work), would both be considered beauty spells. Even an invocation cast to increase a person’s social marketability would be considered a beauty spell. Therefore, the category of attraction-boosting magicks is broad but encompasses physical attractiveness and overall appeal.

Charms of allure can work in some ways. The most direct manipulates the attractiveness of a person, what I’ll call physical beauty charms. Another is a spell that alters the demeanor or appearance of a person or characteristic beauty spells. Finally, there are perceptive beauty spells or charms that alter external perceptions of a person. Allow me to cover these in more depth.

Physical beauty spells

As mentioned, physical beauty magick directly changes a person’s physical characteristics. For example, a spell designed to rid someone of acne would be a physical beauty spell. Another example mentioned above would be magickal breast enlargement. Bits that lighten skin complexion, cause weight loss, increase facial symmetry, and more are all physical attractiveness invocations. The existence of physical beauty spells may seem fanciful to the uninitiated, but they are genuine.

These spells have a long historical record of success – people have used them for centuries with strong results. While a physical incantation won’t radically alter your appearance, it will convert enough to produce beneficial and noticeable changes in how people approach you. A beauty spell could mean being ignored or asked out for a date.

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