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Blogger hosting is completely free and allows anyone to set up a blog without spending money. However, there are pros and cons to this method. Blogger hosting is an easy way to get started with blogging, but there are limited expansion possibilities. The fact of the matter is that a blogger host gives you the chance to explore different niches and keywords before you invest in purchasing a domain name and hosting. Google Blogger works the same way as well for personal diaries. You will be able to keep your journal up for as many years as you want because of the fact that you do not have to worry about paying for hosting.

The biggest attraction to using the blogger host are that it is completely free and that you can have multiple blogs with its easy to use platform. It depends on which template you want to use, but you will be able to easily add pictures to your header along with changing up colors without coding experience. The only problem is that there are a limited quantity of templates. You will be able to use a template from a third party site as long as you display the nav bar in accordance with Google’s terms of service.



However, there are several disadvantages to having a blogger blog. You will still own the content on your blog but you will work on a subdomain like your If you ever got your blog to be really popular and you wanted to start then you could transfer your posts, but you would not be able to transfer your rankings or traffic. Some of your readers might follow you over, but some will not. If you are going with a blog for personal purposes then a Blogger blog might be great for you. People that are thinking about blog monetization should probably just bite the bullet and go ahead with a domain name purchase to increase the probability of making money.

Blogger has rules like most free web hosts and they can suspend your account without notice. The software also has many limitations. You can make a private blog, but you will only be able to mark certain posts as private. A blog that is entirely private means that only people that you invite will be able to access your blog. The biggest problem associated with the Blogger platform is the report abuse button. The task bar is required to be displayed at the top of all of the hosting Blogger posts that it hosts. You can use Blogger software on your own host if you wish.

Web hosting for free has a price just as it does with anything else. Blogger blogs can do just as well as other types of blogs on search engines really. There are tons of spam blogs on blogger so it may seem unprofessional in some cases.

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