AdGuard for Android Review – Block Ads and Stay Safe

Have you tried some of the ad blockers that are available for Android? If you have then you’ll know that most of them are confined to browsers and have lots of limitations that make them not that effective. Admittedly there are some that are a bit more powerful, but they invariably require your device to be rooted – which is far from secure.

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Unlike other ad blockers, AdGuard for Android is designed to act as a complete shield against ads for your entire device. It is simple and easy-to-use, yet versatile – allowing you control over its features to any degree that you’re comfortable with.

Important Features in AdGuard for Android

As an ad blocker the role that AdGuard for Android plays is relatively obvious – but it is how it does it that sets it apart. It doesn’t just block certain ads, but rather preemptively prevents ads from appearing on your device.

To better understand what AdGuard for Android can do and what makes it unique, there are several important features you should know about:

  • No-root required

Compared to most of the other ad blockers in its class, AdGuard for Android is unique as it does not require your device to be rooted. That makes it much more convenient to use, and you don’t have to worry about your device not being secure because it is rooted.

  • Full protection against ads

Instead of just blocking ads in your browser, AdGuard for Android will block ads throughout your device – including within other apps and games. Effectively it can act as a firewall by filtering out traffic to certain apps as you can see at

  • Privacy protection

Cookies and analytics systems won’t be able to track your data as their activities will be curtailed. That will ensure that you can browse safely and securely without having to worry about what sensitive data is being gathered.

  • Complete control and customization

While AdGuard for Android automates its ad blocking and protection, it will give you complete control over all of its features if you require it. All of its filters and options can be customized so that you can block specific apps or ads while whitelisting others if you want them to be shown.

Due to the comprehensive approach of AdGuard for Android, you will not only be able to not have to see a single ad on your device – but you’ll also find that you conserve traffic. Its filtering will prevent ads from ever being downloaded, so in the long run you’ll conserve tons of data.


On your part all you need to do is download and install AdGuard for Android’s APK file and you will never see another ad on your device in the future. Once you try it out you’ll be shocked by just how much of your time you’re able to free up because you don’t have to sit through ads, as well as how much extra space there is on websites once the ads have been removed.