All About the Calculator Plus Apk

Calculator Plus Apk is one of the most downloaded apps in the Android Market. It is a popular business app that enables users to add important business data, documents, and other relevant information and attractively. Apart from this, the app also provides an easy way to calculate the value of a particular input, useful for various purposes. This amazing app is one of the most efficient apps which can be used on any Smartphone, including Google Android, HTC Sapphire, and Sony Ericsson Android mobiles. As it is an easy app to use and install, most users are using this app for their daily work. Calculator Plus Apk is one of the most advanced calculator apps that enables the users to add their important data like Current Value of Money, Current Portion of the Stock, percentage of Earnings, and many other utility Calculators.

Calculator Plus Apk

The app’s main screen displays the current value of money, the current market price of the stock, and a fraction of a percentage of Earnings. Moreover, the app also provides the option of converting some currencies as per the user’s choice. The second screen of the calculator features the fraction of total Earnings compared to the total value of the shares bought. Calculator Plus Apk is one of the easiest calculators, which allows the users to add their data and search for any field or value. Besides this, the app also provides the option of sorting the values in alphabetical order.

The third screen of the app displays the graph of the profits and discounts received by the investor over a period of time. Moreover, the investors can also find the difference between the actual amount spent and the value of money saved by them. To top it all, the users can also compare the performance of their portfolios. It also provides the option of the average rate of return. With such amazing features, users can get attracted to the app and start using it regularly. The only requirement for downloading the app is that you must have a valid Google Android phone.

Compatible with almost all types of phones, the Calculator Plus Apk app calculates financial values in a much more simplified manner. Apart from providing useful figures such as Average Percentage Yield (APY), Annual Growth Rate (AGR), Annual Revenue (ER) to the investor, it also provides helpful tips such as how to calculate profit and loss percentage break up the cost of investment, etc. Even if a person does not have any experience in financial matters, the app offers a beginner’s tutorial wherein he can learn the tricks of the trade through videos and audio clips. For a more interactive experience, the calculator also offers a live chat facility wherein an investor can ask queries regarding the app, and the developers would offer appropriate solutions. This further allows the investors to give useful feedback about the app.

The Calculator Plus Apk app also helps to calculate the value of short and long options. In this regard, one can calculate the potential return on assets and the effect of the different interest rates for the same. This valuable information proves to be handy, especially in cases when one needs to secure a loan. Moreover, the app further offers calculative values of different stock indices, including the Dow Jones, FTSE100, etc. This value can be used to determine whether the stock of a company is undervalued or overvalued.

The Calculator Plus Apk is straightforward to download and install. In addition to being user-friendly, it is also swift and does not require too much time to load. This app can be downloaded from the Google play store and is compatible with almost all versions of android devices. Therefore, having access to this valuable app via the internet has become easier than ever.

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