Apple’s New iOS 10 Provides More Enhancements, Better Functionality

The beta version of Blogging Kit Apple’s iOS 10 operating system has been made available to programmers and app developers. Targeted for public release this fall, the method is touted as Apple’s biggest overhaul since the launch of iOS 7. Though some believe it is more of a slight upgrade than a major redesign, it offers users many enhancements and significant improvements in functionality. At first glance, iOS 10 provides a few visual changes. First, the phone “wakes up” when you lift it, something similar to the Apple Watch. Second, all notifications can be immediately seen without going past them with Touch ID. Third, there is a new lock screen emphasizing the iMessage and some other widgets that feature fresh, bigger, and bolder visual language.


Apple has replaced the “slide to unlock” message with “press home to unlock.” If you swipe to the left, you can see a widget view. Swipe to the right, and you can launch the camera. The lock screen widgets are a nice touch. You can see the weather, news, upcoming calendar events, and more based on your preferences at a glance.
Moreover, you can edit and expand them. It appears they will be more useful than widgets of past versions. Apple has spruced up the lock screen notifications into rounded grey boxes. The 3-D touching brings a nice quick reply option. Want to send a message? You can write them in your handwriting or alter how the message bubbles look. In addition, iOS 10 allows you to send quick “Tapback” responses and even add animation.

Apple's New iOS 10 Provides More Enhancements, Better Functionality 1

Home” lets you navigate your thermostat and power from the HomeKit application. This app has been streamlined with lots of functionality. You can turn off the heat, switch on the lights, and control a connected plug socket all from one app. Apple Music applications have been cleaned up, too. It is faster, cleaner, and easier to see the songs you have downloaded and find playlists according to your tastes. AI functionality will be coming to some photo applications. This includes new facial and location detection capabilities, a more powerful search, and a new tab called “Memories” that turns photos into highlight-style reels based on the site and people.

Many in business will appreciate that the Siri personal assistant has also been updated. Apple has released it to the developer community. Third-party apps can now speak to her. These will include Uber, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, and more. When complete, you can order a taxi or have food delivered, etc. Apple Pay will be available with iOS 10 to make web purchases. One can authorize payments on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on website checkout screens. For apps you never use, iOS 10 enables you to delete them now. Default applications remain, but others can be clipped.

The new system should be available sometime in September 2016 for most recent Apple devices. iPhones will be updated first. Changes to the iPad will be functional shortly after that. While certainly a step forward, those expecting more widespread changes could be disappointed. Still, Apple is trying to take a decade-old operating system and make it fresh, fun, and even futuristic. Thus far, they are on their way to achieving that goal. George Rosenthal is a founder and partner with ThrottleNet Inc.

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