Bomber Command WWII – A Fun WWII Simulation Game

1942 Pacific Front is one of the more well-known World War 2 mod games and has a good modding community. I’ve always liked this game, though I’m not entirely sure why. I believe it’s because of one simple feature: the ability to use APK files. APK stands for “APTA” in binary language; basically, these are files that can be used on your computer to load up your game.

Fun WWII Simulation Game

This game’s main feature is that you get to choose the aircraft you want to use during the game. Naturally, if you’re playing on a modded game server, you won’t be able to choose your own aircraft. You’ll instead have to choose from the planes that the game has to offer.

During the game, you will be attacking Japanese troops using bombs. Bombs will drop from the sky, so you must locate them and target them at the right time to be successful. The problem with attacking without knowing where the bombs will land is that you’ll often end up getting hit by more than one plane. Your accuracy and timing are two important factors that will help you with this mission.

To make things a bit easier, the 1942 Pacific Front Mod Games have included a “time limit.” If you fail to shoot your aircraft at least once during the time period given, your aircraft will automatically be destroyed. This time limit is in place so that you don’t waste time trying to shoot down planes that are impossible to hit. However, it can become annoying when time gets tight and you’re unable to shoot down your targets.

The time limit can be disabled in the game if you’d prefer not to worry about being killed by your enemy. It’s a nice feature, but it can become annoying sometimes, especially when trying to defend your aircraft. Using the “time limit” feature quite often helped me score more points, even though it was not really necessary for me to use it. Using the time limit feature helped me increase my gameplay speed, which allowed me to complete more missions.

As you can see, Bomber Command WWII is a very entertaining game. Although it does utilize some old-school features of other sims on the market, 1942 Pacific Front brings something new to the table. Instead of playing the game on a carrier deck or launching planes from the ground, you actually control your aircraft from the ground or a hangout in your carrier. The game is quite fun and fast-paced, which most WW II games were not able to offer. Bomber Command is well worth the play!

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