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Dell Alienware M11x: How to Update Windows XP?

Windows XP can be a good choice for Dell Alienware M11x users with enhanced device driver verifier and restriction policies for different software. While using Windows XP, your system remains protected from defective software and several online threats. To enjoy the latest features of any software, you need to update the existing one, especially when an advanced version is introduced with more and improved features. You can update Windows XP both through automatic as well as manual updates.

Before you update Windows XP, you must remember certain things so that you are not caught by malicious programs, online threats like viruses and malware, or impeding error messages.

Dell Alienware M11x: How to Update Windows XP? 1

Things to consider before you begin Windows XP update on your Dell Alienware M11x laptop:

Install good antivirus software

Viruses and other online threats always remain on the hunt to infect your system whenever you go online and download files or information. At the same time, downloading updates from Microsoft’s website, you may get infected with viruses present on the site. To prevent this problem, you need to install good antivirus software. To safely update Windows XP on your system, you must first install antivirus software to keep threats away during downloading.

Ensure the driver’s compatibility

Drivers are never similar for two different versions of any operating system. So, it becomes important to check if the driver of the current OS on your Dell Alienware M11x laptop is compatible with the updated version of Windows XP. In driver incompatibility, you will fail to update the OS successfully.

Ensure that the Firewall is turned on.

A firewall acts as a strong wall of defense that restricts all unauthorized access to your computer. It is customized to protect a network from unauthorized access and, in turn, allows only legitimate communication. So, before you plan to update Windows XP on your system, you must turn on the Firewall so that your computer does not allow unauthorized access. This increases the security layer around your laptop, and the process for its update is not affected in between due to any malicious content.

Your Dell Alienware M11x is a highly sophisticated laptop that needs to be handled carefully. Any hit and trial could become counterproductive and bear negative outputs to complicate the issue further. If these tips fail to help you while updating Windows XP, consulting an experienced computer support service provider is the right recourse. With just a phone call to tech support technicians, you can connect to a team of professionals adept at dealing with Dell laptops.

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