How to Be One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Some say beauty Sci Burg is only skin deep. Some say that everyone is beautiful because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. As women, we are taught the picture of beauty lies in fashion magazines, on the television screen, on the billboards, and even on the runway. Over the years, I considered myself a cute woman, not ugly but not beautiful.

Over my wise thirty years, I have understood that to be pretty or fine is one thing, but beauty is achievable by any woman with the right lifestyle. Beauty combines physical upkeep and inner growth that showcases a beautiful mind, body, and soul. Let me offer you some tips on how to be the most beautiful you that you can be.

How to Be One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World 1

#1 Accept that consistency is the key.

Let go of the shortcuts that our society offers to obtain beauty. Come to terms with the fact that we can’t jump into a human-sized microwave and come out the most beautiful woman we were created to be. With shortcuts, we become our beautiful reconstruction instead of the God-given beauty we were born with. Life is a process, and so is the beauty of life.


#2 Become best friends with the idea of discipline.

The highest-paid athletes are the ones who put blood, sweat, and tears into their repetitions. They practice. Practice some more, and practice some more. The greatest musicians eat, sleep, and practice what they love. These are not special people who have special traits of discipline. These people decide to be the best by finding what works for them and doing it repeatedly until it becomes them.

Without the practice of discipline, a beautiful and healthy body is unlikely. Without the fields of daily upkeep and maintenance of our bodies and minds, we never achieve that place that we dream of. The results we seek showcase themselves after consistent application. Beautiful skin, hair, bodies, and attitudes are merely the results of continuous care and action.

#3 Be patient as you find what works for you.

Some people meditate and pray early in the morning, and some late at night. Some women continue searching for that perfect skincare solution, makeup line, and hair care regimen until they find what works. Some give up, and some give up before they start. There are many options because there are so many different people in the world with all types of personalities: skin, hair, nail textures, and body compositions.

You must accept this and keep searching for what is for you. It took me thirty years to find the best way for my hair, skin, and nails to be beautiful. I kid you not. With consistency, I am pleased with my appearance and walk with an attitude of uniqueness because I found what works for me.

#4 Don’t reinvent the wheel, but make it your own.

To each their own. That’s what I was taught. Through my younger years, I frustrated myself to no resolve by trying to be someone else. Then, on the other extreme, when I decided to embrace my individuality, I tried to change the basics. Either way, my only result was frustration and poor results. We all have to apply the basics of health in our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s inevitable.

We all have to eat. We all have to exercise. We all have to maintain an upkeep schedule consistently. We all have to take control of our thoughts and emotions daily. We are different yet the same. We put on our pantyhose the same way. We choose to wear them with various ensembles. Maintaining your beauty requires your routine, which must involve the basics.

#5 Learn to give yourself a break!

First, how can any woman be beautiful when she’s stressed out all the time? People not only see beauty, but they hear it in your speech and your walk. They see it in your interaction with others. It’s not just how you look but so much more than that. So, give yourself a break and be. Keep applying the principles and keep embarking upon your purpose in life.

Combining both will reflect your inner beauty and catapult your motivation to maintain your outer beauty. They all work together. What woman is more beautiful than the one with a wonderful balance of her total being’s togetherness? Each puzzle piece is needed to complete the beautiful picture.

Nikki Cates Hayes is the CEO of Manage Ur Life and a Mompreneur raising four daughters with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a teen mother who has created an empowering business model based on her experiences and wisdom in life management, personal growth, self-awareness, and happiness as a young woman, wife, mother, and female business owner. She is also the owner of a Virtual Assisting and Lifestyle Management service that seeks to assist women in taking control of their lives and careers. To learn more about Nikki Cates Hayes and Manage UR Life, visit her on the Web [].

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