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How to Choose a Good Video Editor for Beginners

Choosing a video editor software as a beginner is not easy. While you probably know that you need an editor that is easy to use, you may not know how to actually find it.

The good news is that although editing software is notorious for its learning curve, there are many that are more beginner-friendly. All you need to do is know how to find them and what to look for:

  • Decide on your budget

Before you start looking at options, you should first decide on how much you’re willing to spend. Don’t worry if the number is low as only prosumer and professional video editing software is truly expensive – and neither should be what you’re looking for.

If you’re only interested in looking at free options that is possible too – but you need to know in advance.

  • Identify specific features that you need

Most basic video editors have similar features to trim, join, rotate, crop, and so on. However there may be other specific features that you want such as audio editing tools, multi-track timelines, effects, 360-degree video editing, and so on.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what features you’ll need. In most cases the basics should more than suffice for beginners.

  • Make sure the specifications match

Beginners often forget this, but it is important that the software you choose matches the specifications of your computer. If an editor provides both ‘minimum’ and ‘recommended’ specifications, it is best to ensure that you meet the latter.

  • Check out the interface

To get an idea of user-friendly an editor is you should check out its interface. Pay close attention to how its features are organized, and whether or not you are able to quickly find what you need by just looking at the interface.

The more intuitive the interface is, the more beginner-friendly the editor is bound to be.

  • Look at the input and output formats

One of the limitations present in many basic editors is that they may only support certain input and output formats. It is important that you look at the formats that are supported, and make sure the ones that you need are present.

Simply put the editor you choose should support the format that your recording devices save videos in – and be able to export it in the formats that you require.

  • Take advantage of free trials

Many editors have free trials, and you should take advantage of them. Think of the trials as a risk-free way for you to gauge whether or not you like a particular editor before you make a firm decision.

Admittedly you’re not going to want to use the free trial of every editor out there, so it is important you narrow your choices before you do.

Overall the steps listed above should help you to find a good PC or Mac video editor that you can use to learn the ropes. Just remember there’s no reason to break the bank if you don’t have to, and you should stick to your budget or even try free options first before you decide.

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