New Features and Design of IOS 7

Apple has recently released its present-day OS, the iOS 7. It is said to be a total overhaul of the vintage design. Let us discover more about it and the additional features it has sold to Apple users.

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Design and capabilities

The font of the complete iOS is tweaked and now bears extra schematics in big size. The addition of the Control Center is yet another part of the ecosystem. You might be capable of swiping upwards to the display screen to perform functionalities like Airplane Mode, including Flashlight. You may also be able to adjust the display screen’s brightness without exiting an app. Including a torch/flashlight is a far-welcome alternative in the design.


The notifications bar in a full display view can even seem to be your lock screen. You no longer need to unencumber your cell phone to test for notifications.

Control Center

Control Center is the main addition to this modern-day model of OS. It would help if you swiped from the lowest to up to monitor the options and the hub. The look resembles a translucent sheen of updates like before. However, with the new enhancement, the brightness controls and track player now have greater show space. In addition, features like AirPlay and AirDrop now sit at the bottom of the tray for easy admission.


The function of Airdrop is to be had throughout all iDevices. This characteristic allows you to proportion any program inside an app through Share Sheet. Remember, this feature most effectively works anywhere. Share Sheet is supported with the aid of an app.

iTunes Music Integration

The Music app is more desirable on iOS 7, including your stored music within the library on iCloud. Integrating the Music app with the cloud allows accessing songs from any of your iDevices. You will also be surprised by the automated alternate display orientation as quickly as you turn your iPhone. Your landscape mode will display album art tiles that easily slide sideways. If you need to zoom into an album, tap the album icon.


Safari has enhanced visuals that allow you to resize your browser URL bar. This offers you a clear and spacious view of the web page on the screen. You can, without problems, slide in and out of the browser records. The bookmark now’s available on the beginning display screen of your device. This allows a coalition of links associated with Twitter for viewing in a single region. You can view what your Twitter pals are posting without going into the app. The Tab device lets you add more tabs with 3-D rendering, allowing you to feature more than eight tabs in one pass. In addition, these tabs can be synchronized with your other bills for clean accessibility.

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Camera and Photo Gallery

The Digicam app includes diverse lens shapes like circles, squares, and panorama. IOS 7 offers you the advantage of vehicle-photograph arranging based on places in various companies. This functionality is referred to as Moments. Pinch to zoom inside and outside of the gallery. The Photo app allows you to re-draw the collections to your library. This app can intelligently categorize your photos in step with your destination and the time its miles are taken. This helps in robotically organizing these pictures in diverse corporations routinely. To view yr wise review of your albums, zoom out. You may also see the place tags on every album created. To view an individual picture, maintain down on a thumbnail of a photograph and launch to view the image on a complete screen.

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