Targeting Our Truth, The Month of Sagittarius 2015

The Zodiac Month Ahead Targeting Our Truth

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies 22 November to 21 December.

Making the Most of Our Cycle in Sagittarius

The conclusion of Autumn 2015 arrives as the aims of The Archers’ energy sets the goal this year to bring in the responsibility of honoring truth in this area of our lives as many changes pursue. Wherever the Sun transits, we are promised to begin again, as this month asks for our focus to hone in on the new within Sagittarius, where growth will undeniably see especially as the New Moon arrives here on 11 December.


Sagittarius consciously aims for wisdom with a strong sense of perspective to explore, react quickly and establish the connections necessary to meet their many goals. Their free will has the constant choices of honesty to transparency; impulsive to flighty; speculative to careless; optimistic to improvident; versatile to dabbling; alert to superficial and jovial to boisterous. Each year as our Sun visits here, the quantum universe channeling from ‘As Above, So Below’ allows these options to stream from the collective consciousness for our free will’s to decide upon within our personal experiences.

Targeting Our Truth, The Month of Sagittarius 2015 1

Jupiter -our Philosopher planet who backs up our lives with wisdom, opportunities, good fortune, the bright side, and joy as he journeys within our Zodiac skies- guides the Sagittarius archetype. Jupiter brings us to understand 12-year cycles, as it spends approximately 1 year in any given sign. Known for its’ truth, spirit, growth, and higher education, Sagittarius’s energy is contagious to experience when the cultivation of restraint, sincerity, fixity of purpose, and thought for others are guiding the soul’s intentions.

Where Does Your Sun Sign Wish For You to Target Your Truth?

  • ARIES: Higher Learning/Travel/Growth where I Believe
  • TAURUS: Regeneration/Change where I Transform
  • GEMINI: Partnerships where I Relate
  • CANCER: Habits/Routines/Health where I Serve
  • LEO: Creativity/Children/Love Affairs where I Create
  • VIRGO: Home/Family/Environments where I Nurture
  • LIBRA: Thinking/Mentalities where I Communicate
  • SCORPIO: Earning Power/Values with what I Have
  • SAGITTARIUS: Approaches/First Impressions with who I Am
  • CAPRICORN: Inner Work/Subconscious Study where I Process
  • AQUARIUS: Hopes/Dreams/Wishes where I Socialize
  • PISCES: Career/Public Life where I Structure
  • Sun enters Sagittarius 22 November
  • Shine Light Upon Your Truth

Our Sun’s journey within The Archer this year requests us all to recognize that responsibility must be part of our understanding of the energy shifts occurring from this area of our lives. The Sun conjuncts both Mercury and Saturn during its first week in Sagittarius. Both of these planets call for us to embrace change and utilize the practice of patience to accept no matter how challenging our situations may be properly, we are being moved to learn. While 2015’s Sun in Sagittarius energy absolutely asks for us to slow down in this area of life- the next couple of years until 2017 will also call for our stability here as some of the first “ah-ha” moments to learn from the experience are up close and personal for us throughout early December.

As this Zodiac Month’s New Moon in Sagittarius arrives upon 11 December -opening up a direct channel of initiation to unfold- opportunities to step into our new roles of responsibilities here will affect more than just our Sagittarius slice of life. Equally, a strong request at this time reaches out to our other communicating areas of life, speaking from Virgo and Pisces. Tremendous growth and healing can assist what will be becoming anew in Sagittarius to target our truth truly. Still, we must not resist these calls by giving into stagnation or denying the work to be done from the connection of these three areas of our lives.

Saturn in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces 26 November
Where Responsibility & Subconscious Realms Strengthen

The world is already completely involved in the energetic pulls of Saturn square Neptune that has been forming since early November. This aspect’s energy between Sagittarius and Pisces is what allows for conflict, tensions, and wars to rage over whose religious beliefs are the right ones to follow. As Neptune Retrograde equally was on its station on 13 November’s Paris attacks (turning Direct in Pisces 18 November), the globe began to feel the morbid connotations this aspect can unfold as fears rose, contributing to anxieties, neuroses, and phobias that stem from the unconscious.

Confusion is extremely apt to emerge from any Saturn square Neptune aspect, and within Sagittarius and Pisces, it is all the more forewarned to guard against during its energetic passage. While responsibility calls from Sagittarius in the strongest of ways, choosing escapism must be carefully monitored from Pisces to avoid denial and chaotic results from unfolding. Scandals, secrets, deviations, and inferiorities are equally able to be attracted when mindfulness and careful listening are ignored in life.

Suffering is an easy choice of the collective free will during this passage, as the illusion to believe that misery loves company is on the highest alert. Looking to how Sagittarius and Pisces affect one’s personal life is key to not become a victim to stagnation as global fears will be screaming at us all to give into them. As with all outer planet aspects, their effects are spread out over a longer-term.

Our first direct square occurs on Thanksgiving Day in the US at 07 degrees, with both planets in direct motion. By Spring of 2016, when both planets will be Retrograde, a direct square occurs between them once again upon 17 June 2016 at 12 degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces. As the close of Summer 2015 nears, the last direct square occurs 10 September 2016 with Saturn direct and Neptune in Retrograde. Patience, extreme listening, and filtering out falling for deception are wise practices to implement for the next year between how Sagittarius and Pisces relate to our personal lives beyond the world.

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