The Best Portable Vaporizer Practices

When making the transition in your life from smoking joints, pipes, and bongs to vaporizing your bud in a clever little machine, it can definitely be quite a shock. After so many years of sharing joints to the left-hand side, reminding friends of their roller’s rights, and vigilantly keeping an eye out for lighter thieves, it can certainly seem a bit strange to relearn a whole new set of etiquette rules for a whole new method of getting stoned. All this can be considered doubly true for more senior citizens, no offense intended for all you senior stoners out there, but I’m sure you agree anyhow. So, here’s this article to help point out the best portable vaporizer practices you can adopt regarding maintenance and etiquette in social settings.

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  1. Cleaning. This is a key habit to get into, which broaches upon both the maintenance and etiquette aspects of this topic. To have the best portable vaporizer experience for yourself and ensure that your device lasts as long as it should, you have to clean it regularly. A large build-up of residue can lead to lots of different electrical or mechanical complications. It also has a large impact on the overall flavor and quality of your vapor. This is a matter of etiquette, too, because if you end up sharing your vape with friends, then obviously you’d rather let them try it at its best, no?
  2. Walk people through how to use it. This is as much for you as it is for them. Not everyone knows how to use this kind of handheld machine, and when weed is in the picture, anxiety or paranoia in some people may compel them to play it cool and act like they know what they’re doing. Kindly give a walkthrough of what to do or even offer to set them up yourself. This simple act can save you the trouble of using up your warranty or having to buy a new model much sooner than you thought.

Pack your chamber snug but not dense. This one little tip makes a world of difference, but it takes some playing around to figure out the best way to do it depending on which vape you have and the shape of its heating chamber, the method of heating, etc. Play around with it and see what works best for you.

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