They’ve got your back: Inside India’s sports physiotherapy industry

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is one of the branches of allied health science, that helps in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders. It helps in the restoration of movement, repair the damage, reduce stiffness and pain and increase mobility thereby, improving the quality of life.

Many people confuse physiotherapy treatment and sports physiotherapy as the same, mainly since both of them involve physical exercises and massage but, there is a slight difference between them. Physiotherapy treatment has a wider application and can be used to treat health issues pertaining to the following;

  • Musculo – skeletal
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology and Pulmonary
  • Orthopaedics and Palliative
  • Geriatric

Sports physiotherapy, on the other hand is a specialised branch of physiotherapy, where sports physiotherapists advice athletes and other sports enthusiasts on how to avoid sports injuries, treat sport injuries and also help in the recovery of those involved in professional and recreational sports.

Sports physiotherapy is mainly concerned with musculo – skeletal issues arisen form sports injuries. Sports physiotherapists are more hands on and use varied techniques like joint mobilisation, spinal mobilisation, muscle activation and sports massage, to change the way a person works to avoid injuries and treat them.

Sports physiotherapist also have the added responsibility to help those involved in sports professionally or for recreation to improve and enhance their performance through a systemic approach that involves:

  • Understanding the person’s goal
  • Identifying the root of the problem
  • Creating an effective rehabilitation and training plan
  • Maintaining performance gains and avoid further injury

Sports physiotherapy although primarily deals with athletes and sports professionals, you don’t necessarily have to be a sportsperson to seek physiotherapy treatment from them. Sports physiotherapists also deal with people who play sport socially or workout alone, weekend adventure enthusiasts and even people who just wish to maintain their physical fitness.

Sports physiotherapy in India is witnessing a massive growth as is visible with the mushrooming of various sports medicine and physiotherapy clinics all over the country. Although the fitness industry is not really tracked but, over the years it has been attracting more investments. Many new sports assessment, rehabilitation and training centres have come in various regions of the country, thus boosting the growth of the sports physiotherapy industry in India.

With the rise in the popularity of football in India with the Indian Super League, sports physiotherapy centres are now also specialising in football medicine, which is believed to help in understanding an athlete’s needs better.

Similarly, even Kabaddi is witnessing massive commercialisation with the prevalence of Pro Kabaddi league. This commercialisation of the sport has benefited sports physiotherapy industry in India, since more and more sports franchises and athletes are seeking the services of a sports physiotherapists to enhance their performance, injury monitoring and adapting to rehabilitation and training intervention.

Today, a person seeking quality sports physiotherapy treatment need not have to head abroad. The local sports physiotherapy centres have access to well trained and qualified sports trainers and physiotherapists. Besides that, these new breed of sports physiotherapy centres come equipped with the revolutionary sports performance and training equipment like, tecnobody, EMS training and Cryospace among others.

Owing to the high efficacy of physiotherapy treatments in remediating movement, avoiding surgery and reducing medication while improving mobility and reducing pain, physiotherapy has now successfully managed to spread out from the sports ground to the living room of common man.

Many people are now turning towards physiotherapy to alleviate their health issues and to enjoy a better quality of life. So, it is no longer uncommon to see the revolutionary Kinesiology tape and cupping marks on a common individual. As young India is getting more and more health and fitness conscious, so are the vibrant KT tapes becoming more prominent.

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