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Traveling and Touring China in Style – Luxury China Tours

People planning to travel to China are always worried about the cultural differences they may experience on their china touring holidays. Before you finalize your travel plans for China, you need to do a lot of research about the country, regarding the food, culture, transportation, vaccination, visa formalities, etc… Still, sometimes you may not need to stress yourself with all this information. This is the reason why tour operators were created; they provide all forms of travel-related services from flights, hotels, escorts, cars, food, and entertainment for your stay in China from start to finish; all you need to do is relax and enjoy your vacation experiencing the unique Chinese lifestyle.


Luxury Travel in China has not been more exciting and adventurous, especially when choosing the right China tour operator. For a country like China with an ancient history and culture, your travel within China can be a deluxe or first-class tour by visiting the major cities in first-class air travel, luxury and character hotels, using VIP services and escorts, making you feel like a superstar.

For example, having a plate of local Chinese dumplings in your 4/5 star hotel while watching a piece of Beijing Opera translated into English could be one of the greatest travel experience you’ve ever had. Perhaps, you may want to climb the Great Wall in style by having a French picnic privately or with other visiting tourists from around the world. There are particular sections around the world where many renowned public figures have visited, and you too can be a part of visiting these sections.

Traveling and Touring China in Style - Luxury China Tours 1

If you are not aware of the tropical side of China, then you may want to bask in the sun this summer on China’s most beautiful beaches in Hainan and Hong Kong, after which you are treated to a great spa experience in some of the exclusive resorts around. Chinese gastronomy is another interesting activity you may want to experience during your travel to China. These include Chinese cooking styles and traditions of the various ethnic tribes in China. If you would like to take on this cultural experience, Chinese gastronomy tours are your perfect answer to discovering the exotic wonders of fine dining and unique culture on your China tour.

Golfing is becoming a popular sport in China, especially amongst the elite Chinese locals. This has led to discovering some of the world’s finest golf courses and resorts, all filled with oriental touches. Some tour operators have deluxe golf travel packages designed to allow international tourists to spend some time golfing in the lush countrysides of Kunming and Beijing. The best place to enjoy golfing in China is Kunming, popularly known as the “Spring City.”

The special administrative region of Hong Kong is also one of the major tourist hubs in China where many international travelers love to visit. Hong Kong is the metropolitan city of China which is very fast-paced and still retains much of its oriental culture. Leisure and travel in this part of China are usually considered luxury and upscale with first-class hotels and restaurants. The famous Repulse Bay and Victoria Peak is a major site of interest when visiting Hong Kong. China may be underdeveloped, but with its fast-rising growing economy and exposure, you can indeed enjoy traveling in China with style and class.

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