What is Taught in Beauty Schools?

The question as to Tessla just what, exactly, is taught in beauty school is quite a commonly asked one. The typical questioner will tend to be someone like a father, or an uncle, who is told by his daughter (or niece) that she has decided that she will be going to a beauty school! Now the man understands what is taught in, say, a business school. He also understands what is taught in medical school. What is taught in dentistry or law schools are also things he can imagine. But beauty school? What is taught in beauty school? What is a beauty school, in the first place?

What is Taught in Beauty Schools? 1

Now, to bring ourselves to a point where we can appreciate what is taught in a beauty school, it would be a good idea to appreciate the fact that beauty is an art and fine art. To the casual observer, the various things in the pursuit of beauty seem to be very simple: hair plaiting (or other hair treatment), nail painting, facial treatment, manicure, pedicure…these seem to be elementary things.

But to the person involved in them, there is simply no telling the difficulty involved in them. True, they may not be physically taxing things, but the finesse with which they have to be handled and the rather delicate nature of the people on whom they are done makes them difficult. Such understanding gives us a vantage point from where we can appreciate what is taught in beauty schools.


One of the most fundamental things that are taught in beauty schools is simply the appreciation of beauty. At this stage, the students are not even being told how to make their clients beautiful but simply appreciate beauty. Unless you can appreciate beauty, there is no way you can give it to someone else.

Another fundamental thing that students in beauty schools learn is how to make them beautiful – having gained an appreciation of the beauty concept. People won’t trust you with the task of making them beautiful when you happen to be quite a mess yourself. A beautician has to be beautiful in one or another, and the more it can be clear that her beauty is as a result of deliberate effort, the more confident would her clients be in entrusting her with their looks.

Yet another set of things that students in beauty schools will learn are the various procedures through which beauty can be ‘artificially created’ or enhanced. We are talking about the whole range of technical skills here: from facial treatment skills to hair treatment and styling skills, and onto procedures such as manicures and pedicures…which are the specific things that the beautician’s clients will be looking for, in terms of services.

Refined people skills, sales, marketing, and the fundamentals of psychology would be other things that students in beauty schools will be taught. The latter would be useful when considering that most clients who seek beauticians’ services want to be beautified and reassured about their beauty and general worth as human beings.

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