Windows 8 Vs iOS, Which One Is Better?

It isn’t easy to imagine that a diehard fan of iOS may honestly be looking forward to the Windows eight launch. However, while it’s miles all approximate technology, it’s miles vital for an era geek to look forward to new emerging developments. Now the question is in what approaches Windows 8 is higher than iOS. Let us find out the unique specific functions offered by way of Windows 8, which could help grab the attention of Apple customers globally.

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Snap Screen Functionality

The functionality of Snap Screen allows a person to add a second app that may be covered on the screen side for a short view. It additionally gives you an idea of two exclusive apps displayed on display. One app occupies a three-sector element on the display screen; the second is open on the screen and is shown as a narrow strip. In this manner, you may effortlessly choose to display any app in a larger view; you can switch them throughout or even trade content material from one app to another.


Other things, like icon tiles described in different shades, are clean to recognize a consumer and make the home display screen appealing. Additionally, including multi-tasking potential with machine-extensive inclusion is something to watch out for.

Live updates and Ariel view

Live Tiles’ feature permits displaying slideshows of photographs and other content. This is dynamic. Live Tiles is about showing updated records on the display screen, the latest news headlines, and the weather forecast. Additionally, you may resize those and personalize them to your comfort. Though there isn’t a lot of personal choice on iOS, the show layout appears a lot to be in symmetry.

However, with Microsoft, you can accommodate the third-celebration apps instead of those already set up on your machine or tool. Interestingly, for consumer convenience, there are other things like semantic zoom functionality. All you need to do is touch the display screen using your palms and squeeze it closed. Now, you get a universal Ariel-like view of the display and the apps. In this manner, you may, without difficulty, navigate to another view within a few seconds. This Zoom functionality also works with calendar entries wherein you can view the monthly evaluation.

 without difficultyApp Settings

You can alter the app settings while not having to close it. The app’s settings come inbuilt along with the app; this way while you are already using it, you may make applicable settings. This can be done by going to the Charms bar, which is located inside the app itself, after going, to Settings, you get the alternatives to make relevant app settings. Unfortunately, it is not so convenient for iOS-powered gadgets. To make changes in an app, you first need to go away from the app and then go to settings, and once more, search for the app that requires adjustment. This positive does seem like a lot of labor to start with. Therefore, here, its miles are accomplished the easy way with Windows 8.

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