AidaForm Online Form Builder Review – A Simple Way to Create Effective Forms

Do you want to create a ‘Contact Us’ form for your website? Maybe you’d like to come up with one to capture leads or conduct a survey? There are so many ways in which online forms can help you collect invaluable data – but first, you need to create them. That is where AidaForm ( can help by supplying a simple way for you to create highly effective forms.

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What Does AidaForm Do?

Essentially AidaForm will let you quickly create and customize online forms using a graphical interface. In that interface, creating a form is as easy as combining the right building blocks and structuring it the way that you want. It will make adjusting your forms’ design and appearance just as straightforward, and you won’t have to touch a single line of code. After you’re done, you can publish the form by copying and pasting the code that AidaForm will automatically generate or linking to the form directly. Due to how versatile AidaForm is, you can use it to create any form you require. That includes forms for feedback, market research, lead generation, or even orders and payments or job applications. All said and done, and it’s up to you what forms you choose to create.

Key Features

To help you to create any form you require, AidaForm has several key features that you can use to:

  • Create forms quickly by selecting a template or using it as a starting point when structuring your form.
  • Add various types of fields, including file uploads, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, lists, Paypal integration, and more.
  • Customize the appearance of your forms by selecting a theme and then adjusting it to fit your requirements.
  • Analyze the data that you collect from your form conveniently with the visualizations in the online interface.
  • Set up notifications so that you know when someone responds to any of your forms.
  • Export data as Google Sheets or Excel documents to process or load them into other software.
  • Integrate AidaForm with other services such as MailChimp for email lists or Zapier to connect to other apps such as Dropbox.

Although the features listed are just the tip of the iceberg, you should be able to see how extensive AidaForm’s scope truly is.


Overall it should be clear that AidaForm will not only let you create online forms easily but allow you to customize them so that they are more effective. To get a better idea of what it can do, you should jump in and try to create a form of your own with its help.

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