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Snowboarder, traveler, DJ, Swiss design-head and HTML & CSS lover. Doing at the nexus of art and purpose to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade. I'm a designer and this is my work. Introvert. Coffee evangelist. Web buff. Extreme twitter advocate. Avid reader. Troublemaker.

How to Get Twitch Prime for FREE

How to Get Twitch Prime for FREE - The Twitch Prime program is a free perk offered by Amazon to users of their Twitch service. It gives you free games and other goodies each month. Amazon often offers this as...

You Do Not Need to Explain Your Life to Anyone 2

Live Your Life Boldly and Beautifully

Living our life boldly and Universe Inform beautifully should be our utmost priority. When we live our lives for ourselves, we will have so much more to share with others. Play your life full out, and do not hold back....

You Do Not Need to Explain Your Life to Anyone 3

The Best Portable Vaporizer Practices

When making the transition in your life from smoking joints, pipes, and bongs to vaporizing your bud in a clever little machine, it can definitely be quite a shock. After so many years of sharing joints to the left-hand side,...

You Do Not Need to Explain Your Life to Anyone 7
Seo Tips

8 Winning SEO Tips You Can Count On

If your website isn't optimized, getting  Web Posting Mart web traffic can be a difficult task. Search engine optimization is one technique that can be used to achieve getting more traffic to your website without having to pay for traffic. Traffic...

You Do Not Need to Explain Your Life to Anyone 8
Seo Tips

Top SEO Tips Today

Many small business owners struggle with Web List Posting getting their website ranked - you are not alone. Small business owners need quality websites, and often they are not sure what it takes to get them noticed by customers. The SEO...

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