Home Computing Tips for Getting More From Your Technology

Laptops are becoming more popular, affordable, and the perfect thing to take almost everywhere with you. But do you know the steps to keep your laptop running optimally? If we do not take care of our electronics, they will soon wear out and must be replaced. The following article will share some home computing tips for getting more from your technology.

Home Computing Tips for Getting More From Your Technology 1

1. Don’t always keep your laptop battery plugged in when in use. While many people may feel that it is beneficial to the computer to keep power running from the wall instead of the battery making it run, this is not necessarily the case. If you own your laptop or netbook plugged into a power source for long periods, it will strain the battery and make it incapable of holding or supporting a charge for very long.

This means that if your computer once used to be able to run for 8 hours without needing an account, by keeping it plugged in constantly after the time is required for a full battery, you could find your laptop unable to run without being plugged in due to a storm that is no longer able to keep a charge on its own.


2. Do you have a memory stick that you regularly plug into your computer via USB? Did you know that you can ruin not only your memory stick but also the ports on your computer if you do not properly remove your stick once you have finished using it on your computer? The taskbar is some icons on the bottom right-hand side of your computer. If you scroll over them, you will see one that says, “safely remove hardware.”

You need to click on it to deactivate the commands for the USB port and release the device safely without risking blowing the circuits and the computer’s ability to read the USB port Dba Press. These two tips may apply to some of your other technology, such as your cell phone battery or iPad. It would help if you always took measures to protect your devices to keep them in top working order for as long as possible.

We all know how much easier our lives have become due to these items. Do you want to end up without them again by not taking the little steps needed to keep them working their ultimate best? If you liked these quick home computing tips, I would like to share more with you, and free resources so you can make the most of your computer and online experience regardless of your age or skill set. Visit me at Creative Home Computing.

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