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How To Do Nude Nails Correctly.

When it comes to stylish, versatile and cute manicures, it is hard to top nude nails. This nail design is styled to complement your skin tone and act as a neutral colour so that is an added advantage to women since they can wear it in any outfit.

However, as chic and exciting as the nude nails can be, they can terribly go wrong if done in a hurry and you don’t select the correct polish and do the right preparation for the nails. Check over here for more info on how to correctly prepare nude nails for polish.

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  1. Part 1:-Select The Correct Nude Polish
  2. Choose crème polish- while there are many nude nails polish finishes such as matte, metallic and shimmer, the look appears more flattering if you go for crème shade.
  3. Match the tone of your skin- when selecting a nude polish, go for a hue that matches your skin tone.
  4. Choose a polish that is darker or lighter than the tone of your skin- when doing nude nails, you don’t want to choose a polish that exactly match your skin undertone. Instead, you want a subtle contrast between the shade you choose and your skin tone.

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Part 2:-Preparing the Nails

  1. Trim the nails-nude manicure will appear great on short nails. If you have elongated nails, it can seem like a French manicure. So, trim them down to a shorter length before applying any polish.
  2. File the nails to have a perfect shape- the right length is not enough, you will want to file them to give them a good shape before applying the polish. Generally, shapes such as oval and round offer the best nude nails design. Use your nail file, and gently shape them to your desired shape.
  3. Apply the base coat- to make sure that the nude polish adheres perfectly to the nails shape, use base coat first. Apply one layer of it and give it some time to dry completely.

Part 3:-Applying the Polish

  1. Apply one coat of the polish and give it some time to dry completely- once it is entirely dried, apply the nude polish. First, start with the light strokes to make sure the polish is well distributed all over the nails.
  2. Apply the second coat if you deem it necessary-once the first coat is completely dry, check the nails through the natural light. If they impress you, leave them alone. But when the layers are too streaky, opt for the second layer of nude polish and make it more unique.
  3. Add a top coat-when the polish is dry, you should add a transparent topcoat. This helps in adding extra glow to the nude nails and prevent nail breakages so the nude polish last a little bit longer. Apply this one final topcoat and let it dry completely.

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