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The report read: “Bashar al Assad, president of Syria a malefic conqueror with his pal Putin, of Russia is as if they are in cohesion with some madman from the 4th Dimension, who are pals in world conquest, lest the leader called Mordieu, whose plans for the world conquest was to start in Syria, and will make Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde look like armatures.” Said professor Evens, professor at Los Wanaka University, in Huancayo Peru, for ‘World New Reports’ (February 20th, 2016.)


From World News Reports, March, 20th, 2016, by Professor Chick Evens (Bacterium Biologist), “Should you move about in Syria you will see 350,000-less inhabitants, these shapes of humans: men, women, and children and the elderly were not long ago alive now corpses of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Because he has refused the UN’s resolution 2254 for peace talks, he is directly responsible for all those lives, including 11.5 million displaced Arabs, no longer available to live in their homes, short of water, electricity, and food, while he bathes in comfort with is a buddy in crime, Putin from Russia, who now has a military base in Syria.

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Also, 4.5 million Arabs have cut across Europe and live in Turkey, on its shores and inland, and al-Assad and Putin’s Russia are hitting airstrikes on hospitals. What is next? Is there no meaning to life within their souls? And some of the Greek islands are full of refugees. Some twelve nations are involved, including America, France, England, Turkey, Russia, the Saudis, the Syrian Rebels, Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Qatar, the Islamic State, al-Nusra Front, both terrorist groups, all involved in the war. All in battle gear, as the Russians bomb indiscriminately, and once captured tortured, without consideration, such as waterboarding, outlawed by the international laws of humanity.

Now we got a faction from some world leader from outer space involved, out of some plane of the 4th Demission, he is called Malik Tawus, but his official name is Mordieu; al-Assad has reached across the border and made contact with the fourth plane, a new reservoir of forces that will allow him to overrun Syria, and the world with Russia, if not stopped. And you’d think our president Obama would be in hysteria over this, yet he is like a human who is helpless in life’s grip; quietly, slowly, inexorably, he watches these pointless murderers continue and continue as he sleeps. Unburdened.”

(Interlude: Syria once a rebellion, in 2012, now a conflict, 2016, before 2012, in 2011, it was simply protested that erupted across Syria. The progress is remarkable, in that bombing started in 2013, causing thousands of casualties. Then in 2015, Russia’s intervention within the conflict takes place. Now in this year of 2016, ‘the Year of the Monkey,’ the picture in Syria gets bleaker; with their government’s new strategy: ‘starve or surrender’… leaving 350,000-people removed from humanitarian aid.)

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