5 Innovative Home Décor Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

There are reasons to give your home a brand new look that it deserves. Especially if friends, colleagues, or kids frequent your place; after all, it is more important to know what people say after they leave your home than when they are inside it. While 2017 gave us some fantastic home décor ideas, 2018 looks no less promising. Here, we look at five impressive ideas to beautify your abode…

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1 – Utilize and maximize.

People’s interest in home furnishing has given birth to a field of engineering that uses minimal space to maximize usage. If you have been to (or live in) a city of the magnitude of NYC, then making efficient use of limited space is a growing concern for you and a million others. Home décor experts have developed furniture sets that can cater to this for more than one purpose. A sofa set that transforms into a full-fledged bed at night or a snack table can be used as a mid-level room partition when required! These furniture sets are must-haves in regions where the per capita house rates are normally out of control.

2 – Sun-energized.

The world is excited about turning solar, especially after Elon Musk’s groundbreaking announcement of Tesla’s Solar Roof. It’s new, it’s fun, and it’s green! Regardless of which company you buy it from, these solar panels are bound to give your roof a sleek and streamlined look. And if you are worried about the hardware and cabling, most top brands promise to supply and commission these solar panels to give them a neat and clean finish. In our opinion, Sun-energizing (energizing through the Sun) is bound to be the future of innovative home designs.

3 – Green homes.

What do you do if your home is not designed to fit in any solar roof? You can switch to the conventional method of improving our carbon footprint by going green in such situations. Two thousand eighteen promises to be the year climate change awareness reaches the masses. Your home décor can contribute to this cause and give your house an unmatched look. This structure will get eyeballs to gather a second gaze from lush green lawns to in-house water recycling systems to ultra-low energy-consuming appliances. The market is filled with designs that improve energy efficiency at every step. Also, you can find ideas on minimalistic lifestyles at

4 – 3D printed homes.

With the first 3D-printed structures already in Dubai’s operation under a commercial license, more and more cities are switching to this latest marvel in structural engineering. In June 2018, Eindhoven University announced a medium-scale project for 3D-printed housing, which will be rented out upon completion. Whether or not this innovation sustains will be the talking point of future discussions.

5 – Brass never gets old.

Retro is making a comeback, with the brass trend creating a lot of buzz. Thanks to its rust-gold look, brass promises to revamp your house’s trendy decor with furniture sets and classic handiworks. Even though brass was the go-to fashion in the ’70s, the nostalgia has re-developed the love for this alloy with even unused accessories like dummy telephone sets and gramophones splashing royalty all over the house. With all these innovative ideas in hand, embrace something that lights more fire in your heart and less in your pocket.

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