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Curly Pixie Cut Styles to Flatter Your Looks This Year

A curly pixie cut is the best low-maintenance style that allows you to wear different looks whenever you feel like it. Though not so trendy, it incorporates some styles that show off elegance and sophistication. Don’t think you cannot rock this style; we will show you some of the best curly pixie styles that will flatter you. However, you will have to strictly follow the guidelines to get the curly pixie cut suitable for you. Do your research on short haircuts with curls suitable for your curl pattern and hair texture for those who are starting. If possible, take the picture to your stylist. Check over here for in-depth info.

1. Thick and Full

This boyish curly pixie cut is ideal for women with thick, curly hair. The thickness’s weight aids in arching a multidimensional style that appears super sturdy and full of volume and texture. You cannot get it wrong by choosing this pixie cut.

2. Textured Side Cut

This curly pixie hairstyle is full of sassiness and glamour. It is defined by elongated layers in the front and shorter layers at the sides. If you want to generate this appearance, you will need to use some styling cream for a beautifully textured look.

3. Asymmetrical

This asymmetrical pixie cut is heavy. The haircut is all about maintaining the look of movement and messiness in a short haircut. The layers are longer for a pixie, while the manes at the sides are kept shorter. The shorter layers are essential for this asymmetrical haircut.

4. Swept -Back

Though the slicked-back curly pixie cut is as sophisticated and chic as it gets, wavy hair has to adopt a smooth approach than straight hair to get a better swept up style. The layers are maintained at equal length around your face to achieve a balanced, swept-back appearance using a lightweight hair styling product.

5. Old Hollywood

This is among the best, and most favorite curly pixie cut styles of all time. The hair is styled at varying lengths. This curly pixie leads the pack to be sophisticated and appearing like the vintage Hollywood beauty. You can try this haircut to mimic one of your preferred Hollywood actresses.

6. Boyish

We like how this concise curly pixie cut allows enough space to showcase your natural curls but still look sleek and neat. Furthermore, it frames the face gorgeously, and it is deficient maintenance. Therefore ideal for women who need a classy and fashionable style yet, low maintenance.

7. Textured Tousles

This beautiful curly pixie style leaves the textured top layers to showcase its elegance and sophistication. Maintaining the tresses at the back trimmed promotes easy styling while allowing you to enhance the top hair’s movement and volume.

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