I could not probably tell you the laptop’s ID over the cellphone

On-Call: How’s your Friday shaping up? Be part of us for every other dive into the piranha-infested waters of what we at The Register like to name On Call. Today’s story of telephone-based antics comes from “Mike,” who spent the early part of this century running in the IT Moves and Changes teams for a big Edinburgh-primarily based financial organization. Mike’s journey to infamy started with a ticket raised via one of the government non-public assistants requesting a CD/RW force for her PC. As became quite common,  Mike informed us, “She supplied the Asset ID of her display rather than the bottom unit. After all, the ‘television tube’ is truly the computer, no longer the ‘hard power,” he added acidly.

I could not probably tell you the laptop's ID over the cellphone 1

We suspect that Mike may have turned out to be a little tired via helpdesk tickets over his time there, which probably explains the relaxation of the story. Patiently, Mike picked up the cell phone and was known as the PA to talk to her via locating the precise identifier for the PC. However, the phone was picked up using someone else, another PA, a man who had honestly been on A Course, and became very reluctant to hand out non-public records.

Like an Asset ID.

Oh no,” he advised Mike, “I could not in all likelihood deliver out that sort of facts over the cellphone. We suspect Mike’s patience snapped at this point as he retorted: “What?! It’s just a random quantity. It approaches not anything to absolutely everyone out of doors of the IT branch. And examine the cellphone display, which is an inner name. The PA has none of those hints. “Nobody became going to fool him into turning in ‘sensitive’ information. The maximum of executive PAs was quite charming; this one honestly felt he was the defender of the executive workplace.

Mike took any other tack. The office used two forms of PC – Compaq computers, which had been equipped with a 733Mhz CPU, 128MB of RAM, and 20GB hard disks, and HP machines, which loved an excellent 1.2GHz CPU, a potent 256MB of RAM, and a thunderous 40GB of hard disk area. Helpfully, the Compaqs have been colored white, and the HPs colored black. Or “Ivory” and “Carbon,” as Mike defined to us. For reasons that you could, in all likelihood, additionally have to move on to A Course to find out about.

All Mike needed to know was the color to suit an identical power.

He, in the end, after a great deal of pleading,” said Mike, “showed that the PC changed into certainly ‘Carbon,’ and I could get on with my paintings. Mike thanked the PA for all his “assistance” and got the chap’s name, possibly ostensibly to make sure the price ticket meditated on who said what. Except what Mike did become alternate the guy’s password to something that ironically rhymes with a banker.

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