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The Nokia N8 Mobile Phone Latest News

If you’re looking for the latest news for the Nokia N8 mobile phone, pull up a chair and buckle down because this is the article you’ve been looking for. The latest mobile phone from Nokia was delayed due to a technical hitch, but it was worth the wait and what a superb product and a must-have for any gadget lover. This is a very user-friendly phone and has all of the expected requirements. Popular applications like the BBC iPlayer, Facebook, and YouTube have their own OVI store where you can set up and create your menu layout to suit your needs.

The Nokia N8 Mobile Phone Latest News 1

It also comes with a powerful twelve-megapixel camera, a better specification than most digital cameras in the marketplace. It has terrific graphics and Dolby sound, so you can enjoy watching films or listening to music with laser-sharp graphics and crystal-clear sound. There’s also a WiFi internet connection, so you can stay connected when you’re on the move. There’s also HDMI connectivity, which allows you to attach your phone to your HD television and look at any films or pictures straight from your phone.


There’s an endless list of phones in the marketplace. Still, few could come close to the new Nokia N8 for its all-around capability and performance and the fact that it’s not just a phone, but it’s an excellent camera, a mini cinema, and a powerful sound system and all from your phone. My only criticism of the new Nokia N8 phone is the internet connection, in that it can take a bit longer than expected to get connected and sometimes takes a while to visit a new webpage. Still, despite this, it’s a phone which you should think about seriously as a considered purchase.

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