A Beauty Pageant As One of the Ways to Explore Women’s Abilities

Women are called the most Soul Crazy beautiful creature in this world. That is why they are related to many terms of beauty, physically and mentally. Physical beauty includes the beauty of body and face, while mental beauty includes psychological condition, intelligence, and attitude or behavior. As one of the ways to explore women’s abilities, beauty pageant combines physical beauty and mental beauty as requirements for women to get the genuine beauty.

Nowadays, you can easily see various types of beauty pageants, such as Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss USA, etc. Basically, all of beauty pageants have the some purpose, which is choosing the most beautiful woman who has some certain requirements. The requirements are usually called as 3B stands for brain, beauty, and behavior.

The first B is brain means that a woman should have good intelligence and has a broad knowledge. The second B is beauty that means a woman should have physical beauty, including the beauty of face, body, and all physical appearances. The last B is behavior that means a woman should have good personalities, attitude or behavior, and how she behaves and treats others.

Even some beauty pageants in some countries also require another one B that means brave. A beautiful woman not only should have brain, beauty, and behavior, but also should be brave to express herself and her mind to the world, since there will be many obstacles she will face when she is chosen as the most beautiful woman.



Actually, beauty pageant can be one of good ways to explore women’s abilities. This event can show the women’s existence and as a good way for women to reach self-actualization. They will make efforts to increase their abilities, broaden their knowledge, and care of others. They will more realize that to get the genuine beauty, they not only need physical beauty, but also other eternal beauties like intelligence and behavior.

Joining beauty pageant also can measure your abilities since you are going to meet many other competitors who also have good qualities in many ways. It can be a good motivator for you to always improve your abilities, not only to win the competition, but also as training to compete fairly. And of course, by joining this event, you are going to get many new friends, and it can be extra benefit for you.

Finally, as one of the ways to explore women’s abilities, beauty pageant should be supported. Joining this event, even if you win the competition, can be pride for you as a woman. But however, you should always realize that the basic of this event is how to be a real beautiful woman who has the genuine beauty.

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