How Can a Fat Person Become Beautiful?

Now the world getting divided Stump Blog  into two religions, rich and poor. We have very less time in our hand to think about who is beautiful and who is not. Still people find beauty, want to be beautiful. If we describe classical ideal of beauty, may be the definition have become changed and taken the form like this “money makes beautiful”. A rich person is beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

All that we see by normal eyes may be beautiful for some seconds or some days or some years but may not be really beautiful for a long time. Outlook imparts a quick and momentary impulse on our nerves. The rhythm of that impulse gradually decreases with time. A good look enchants us naturally at a glance. This is true for a natural beauty or a human beauty. A beautiful tourist place may not seem beautiful to your eyes after 1 year because some drawbacks of that beautiful place must come to your eyes within the time span of 1 year. For human beauty also, a very good looking friend becomes enemy after 1 year. So, where is the nest of absolute beauty? The answer is simple “beauty remains within our brain”. Something which is eternal, true, does not change with time is beautiful.



As said above, fat or slim outlook imparts a momentary effect to the eyes of the viewer. There are 37% people allover the globe that admires fat people and the rest are lover of slim physique. The classical ideal of feminine beauty, as defined by sculptures such as the Venus de Medici and the Winged Victory of Samothrace generally prevailed throughout Western history, until well into the twentieth century. Notable among these is Elena Miro’s 2003-2005 campaign featuring model Barbara Brickner reprising well-known works of art, and Lara Johnsons May 2002 appearance in US Glamour Magazine alongside a replica of the Venus de Milo. For a long duration, definition of beauty may change, and it depends not on your physique but on your truthfulness, behavior, creativity and self-respect.

How to Improve Self Respect?

Due to the preference shown to physical symmetry, many celebrities falsely claim that they are hourglass but actually rate closer to a straight figure or apple. A study of over 6,000 women carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University around 2005 found that 46% were Banana (rectangular), just over 20% Pear, just under 14% Apple, and 8% Hourglass. So, don’t tell lie. What you are respect yourself because God creates you, and any creation of God cannot be bad.
In the past, our female ancestors did not have such great pressure on them to be athletic. Gathering is not a frantic activity. The women would have gone around in groups, often tending to children as they gathered. If any dangerous predators turned up, they did not escape death by running, but by calling for help, throwing stones, using pointed sticks, fire, group tactics, and the like. The cost, therefore, of having fat away from the center of gravity. Do not ever blame your parents, especially mother, for your outlook or figure as she is your ancestor. Always remember mother and motherland is compared with heaven. Respect your parents, you will gain potential internally.
As many women are all too aware, women are often a bit plumper than men, and here, too, scientists have found clues to the differences by studying other creatures. Examining the enzymes involved in lipid metabolism throughout the Mammalian kingdom, scientists find that lipoprotein lipase, the main enzyme responsible for storing fat, is partly controlled by reproductive hormones. There was a definite cost of a paunch. Paunches are not good in all senses. This is the truth, eternal truth. Don’t make your physique according to demand of others. Build yourself perfectly, truly. If you are young then start exercising or practice yoga. Exercise improves self-confidence a lot.
Try to be creative. It is not easy to create something unique. You need not to innovate a big thing. Try from small things, like, try to write a poem yourself, maintain a diary, research on cosmetics, embroidery, tailoring etc. Who knows you may be a well-known person in future. For a celebrity, his/her outlook hardly matters. It is easy to build a bad reputation but try to establish yourself in such a field that you can say what you are in front of all.
Our body is like a temple and our soul is the God inside that temple. So, You have the right to make you beautiful. Research what costumes fit you good, look better on you. Use cosmetics to make you clean and bright. Don’t bother what other saying if you are black and trying to be fair, it is your inborn right. Pranayama is such a process that makes you bright and beautiful from inside.
However, Classical Beauty is centered on the idea of beauty as a timeless, ageless, size less way of life. A single defining characteristic, a gene from your personality or may be from your body, that is unique yet universal. It’s not quite grace or poise or sophistication – it’s beauty, Classical Beauty, Classical Ideal of Beauty.

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