The Advantages of Using An Online Time Clock For Your Construction Business

Managing a construction business means everything must be accurate and timely to meet deadlines, complete jobs, and avoid overages. There are many advantages that an online time clock has that are especially helpful in a construction business. You can keep more accurate records and automate and more efficiently manage many aspects of your business that would be difficult, if not impossible, to manage otherwise. Here are some of the most significant advantages of using an online timecard system for your construction business.

Online Time Clock For Your Construction Business

Prevent Time Theft

Time theft is one part of time tracking that can significantly hurt your construction business. Time is money for every construction project, and you’ll lose out on both without an online time clock to monitor employees. Employees frequently waste time while on the clock, complete personal business, and are often just generally unproductive. Not only will this cost your business money, but it can also impact your reputation. An online time clock lets you track employee work hours and productivity in real time. In doing this, you can address time theft issues and hold employees accountable for their work efforts. Employees will know they are being tracked and have to work if they want to get paid. Most time clock solutions, such as facial recognition, come with features to help reduce and nearly eliminate time theft. Facial recognition allows the online timesheet software to use unique facial features to verify identity before completing the punch-in or out process.

Accurate Job Costing

One of the most significant benefits of using an online time clock is that it can provide insight into better running your business through historical data. Keeping your scheduling, payroll, and cost information in one place allows you to make more informed business decisions to cost out your jobs accurately. For example, you can easily reference past data to see how your crews performed on a given task to better estimate how long it will take to complete a similar job. To go a step further, you can look at staffing levels’ data and adjust for deficiencies that may have occurred in the past. Managing your employees and data in this way allows you to provide more accurate bids for jobs and ultimately prevent overages, make more profits, and improve overall performance. This will help your business on individual employment and over the long term as you acquire more data.

Predict Labor Requirements

Using all the data gathered from your online time clock, you will gain the ability to predict how much labor you will need when bidding on a job. This allows for more accurate labor costing in designing your bid. In addition to predicting labor requirements, you can more actively adjust your labor schedule to account for issues on the job site, such as absences, delays, or labor shortages. For example, with employee timesheet software, you can quickly move crew members around to adjust for absences or when a job needs more workers on deck.

Monitor Crew Performance

Actively monitoring and managing your crew is one of the keys to success in the construction business. Whether it’s ensuring workers are productive or checking that a particular team will finish on time, you must be able to monitor and adjust as needed. If a crew is underperforming, it is essential to find out why and rectify the situation as quickly as possible by addressing the issue and working to fix it. With an online time clock, you can be alerted when employees aren’t adhering to their schedule or taking longer to complete a job than allowed. You can then use this information to take action as needed.

Improve Payroll Processing

Processing payroll can be a time sink without the tools and features of a time attendance clock. A time clock’s automation allows you to streamline the entire process. This ensures that your payroll is more accurate and processed faster. This will make your labor budget and your employees much happier. Online time clock software is a great tool for any business, especially construction businesses, where time equals money. With this tool, you can reduce time theft, accurately calculate job costs, streamline payroll processing, and predict labor requirements. All of which can lead to improving business operations.

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