Fleksy Keyboard App for iOS Users

There has always been competition about text entry options and software that facilitate ease of typing. Keyboard apps like Swype and SwiftKey are already to be had for Android customers, and they have changed the default keyboard. However, as many iOS users are involved, they have alternatives like Syntellia and Fleksy. However, the keyboard presented via Fleksy has a more realistic layout designed to preserveping for sighted and visually impaired human beings. This is what makes this app dynamic. Nonetheless, the VoiceOver function that helps voice out the text is similarly useful for customers is preferred.

Fleksy Keyboard App for iOS Users 1

It is beneficial for Smartphone users to facilitate ease of typing and assist in assembling text without any hassles. Additionally, this app blends buttons, letters, and punctuation gestures. This indicates stability between the modern touch gadgets and the traditional keyboard layouts. The fundamental version of Fleksy is loose; opting for the full version could cost you $4.54. Opting for the whole version will give you advantages like message and mail apps. Let us discover more about it in-depth.


Fleksy will work with iOS 5.1 or an upgraded version. It can be downloaded and used on other iOS gadgets with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Launching the App

As soon as you launch the app, you will be greeted with a message informing you that this app is designed for people with vision loss; click OK to continue. Functionalities like spacing and deletion are easy with this app; for spacing your phrases, swipe properly and swipe left to delete a word. If you want word thought, swipe down, and for punctuation marks, lift properly again. Pick out the commands button for a complete consumer manual to launch a whole user guide. Fleksy can detect VoiceOver; this turns on the screen-analyzing program that launches immediately to get access to the app’s instructions.

Visual Display and Other Options

The screen’s backside displays a QWERTY keyboard; the keys are well displayed against the darkish grey historical past. Moreover, the keyboard gives you the choice of panorama mode while its miles are released initially. This enables you to provide you with extra keyboard area at the same time as enhancing the overall length. You can also transfer the mode by going into Settings and changing it.

You will also be able to avail of the Invisible Keyboard function for keeping your privacy. You can also utilize the Screen Curtain functions that may be enabled by tapping three times with your three arms to disable it again and repeat the identical movement. Remember that this option is to be had while the VoiceOver is practical. Another thrilling function is that of Raise to Speak. This feature is enabled while you wave your hand at the front-facing digital camera; this also works by raising your tool to your face. In this manner, the textual content entered is repeated by using a voice-over.

Action Menu is another alternative that allows revealing extra menu alternatives. You may be capable of getting admission to it by resting your finger on the top of your display screen. The menu options range from the text entry. For instance, you have entered textual content and then enabled this menu. Your menu alternatives could be Tweet, Instructions, E-mail, Copy&Clear, Export dictionary, Resume Typing, and Fleksy on the Web or Twitter. The Export Dictionary allows you to create your dictionary with your iOS devices. You also can synchronize it with iCloud.

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