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My top five locations in Greece

Thinking of heading on holidays this summer to an exotic location steeped in history and with some of the most amazing scenery and pulsating nightlife available, then you must be thinking of visiting Greece. A country deemed the birthplace of western civilisation and with some of the most amazing historical architecture in Europe it is a must visit location. Rent a greek villa on the coast or a 5-star hotel in the capital Athens and explore the many wonders that the country has to offer. With the longest coastline in Europe, almost year-round good weather and a very developed tourist and vacation system Greece is an ideal location for a holiday. Suitable for friends, families and groups Greece offers everything to everyone.

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Though many people visiting the country already have an idea of the location and places they want to see, there are others that they may have overlooked. We have put together a list of some of the must-see sights in Greece. Depending on your time in the country and location you may be able to visit them all or just some of them but be sure to visit at least one this list as you will not be disappointed. So here are my top five locations to visit in Greece.

Cape Sounion:

Home to the ruins temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion is a great location to see the importance of the gods in Greek culture and lengths that the people went to worship them. The headland which is surrounded on three sides by the sea provides a dramatic backdrop and great location to visit on a day trip from Athens.

The Cape is a popular day excursion from Athens with the most popular time being sunset in which you can capture dramatic shots of the ruins, sea and temples all in one. Book your excursion for early in the day and try and have it open-ended so you can enjoy the sunset and get the best possible spot as it is quite a busy time as both locals and tourist try and capture the perfect sunset.

The Acropolis:

The most prominent and important site within easy reach of Athens the Acropolis cannot be missed. Firstly, you will have stunning views overlooking Athens itself and secondly, you can walk within the ruins of this amazing architectural wonder. Like the cape, this area shows the immense intelligence and work of the people who once lived in the city-state of Athens. This place was probably on your list, but it cannot be left without a mention. A place where you truly marvel at the wonders of ancient civilisations.

If you are visiting the Acropolis, then you are probably already staying in the stunning city of Athens. Here you can enjoy the nightlife another historic marvel within the city.


A place of geological, historical and architectural amazement Meteora is like nothing you have probably seen before. Natural sandstone pillars which stretch upward of 1200 feet into the sky supporting a series of monasteries. Built by and worshipped in, by orthodox Christian monks and nuns the six remaining monasteries are a testament to the tenacity of man, like the other locations mentioned.

Even without the monasteries, the rock formations themselves draw a huge number of visitors every year due to their formation and the backdrop they provide for hikers and climbers in the region. Worth a visit for an entire day you will not be disappointed by your time here. Plus, it is a small break from the ancient Greek history which you will have had your fill of.


With some of the most famous and nicest beaches of the Greek island, Zakynthos gets most of its visitors from the partying and sun-worshipping crowd. Shipwreck Cove is an especially popular location due to the adventure in first reaching the beach and then the beach itself.

Online you can view base jumpers performing some death-defying stunts above the beach. This will give you an idea of why it is so popular.

Second to the beaches is the nightlife of Zakynthos. Drawing a young European crowd there is any manner of parties and events going on throughout the summer months. If this is something your fancy book ahead and bring a big group of friends with you.


The go-to place in Greece for newlyweds and burgeoning couples. The beautiful backdrop and intimacy of Santorini are what many people crave when alone together. Whitewashed homes with blue shutters and roofs, purposefully designed it contrast perfectly with the sea and sky. On every brochure or website about the Greek islands, it is worthy of its fame and many visitors.

You can easily reach Santorini from Athens. It is a simple 45-minute fly or there are also frequent ferries from several locations along the Greek coast.

A great location in which to find and view other islands you can use Santorini as a base or maybe just a short stop on your way through the Greek islands it should not be overlooked especially if you are with your partner. Hike to the viewpoints in which any local with point you and get some amazing shots of the sunset.

I hope some of these suggestions are of interest to you and provide you with some inspiration on places to visit throughout Greece. Most definitely a country of contrasts you will love your time in this stunning country and all it has to offer.