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Texas rappers have a lengthy and illustrious history. The top Texas rappers have become some of hip hop’s most influential figures throughout history.

Tyler, the Creator's ACL Fest set proves how much he's evolved

Texas rap music has made its way across the genre since the Geto Boys, Houston’s first rap group to achieve mainstream success, arrived in the late ’80s. Texas gradually grew in power as new performers appeared on the scene, including U.G.K., D.J. Screw, and Z-Ro.

All this came to a head in the early 2000s when Houston rappers like Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, and Paul Wall helped Southern hip-hop take over the radio and global music markets. The Texas rap scene has continued to thrive ever since the culture, especially with the rise of Travis Scott, who is the most infamous name in Texas rap culture. 

Rappers in Dallas and Fort Worth, from Triple D to Funky Town (Fort Worth), have been working behind the scenes to build one of the top rap scenes in the nation, which has given rise to several top rap stars and hip-hop artists.

Let’s see about the Texas rappers!


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott List Contemporary Beverly Hills Mansion for $21.9 Million | Architectural Digest

Although he wouldn’t say otherwise, Travis Scott isn’t the best lyricist or possesses the most technical talents, but he understands how to put together masterpieces consistently. The Houston-born rapper-producer has been able to collaborate with some of the most exciting and talented musicians in the industry ever since his 2013 breakthrough mixtape, Owl Pharaoh.

For the better part of a decade, Travis Scott has been putting together complete bodies of work with the care and accuracy of someone like Kanye West, whether it be Days Before Rodeo, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, or his breakthrough moment with Astroworld. He attributed his success to his readiness to learn new things.  


Did Slim Thug Curse the Cougars? – Texas Monthly

Slim Thug is renowned for his intimidating physique and enormous, rumbling guttural voice. For more than twenty years, he has been hard pimping Houston-style, dropping deceptively lyrical bars about gang life over upbeat, vintage beats.

Over the years, Slim Thug’s music has evolved from boom-bap to trap and even West Coast funk years. His entire look, nevertheless, is that of a veteran emcee who is still active. The Houston-born rapper fully embraces and supports that image regarding sound and appearance.


Grammy-winning rapper Chamillionaire notices diversity problem in tech

When Chamillionaire pursued a software endeavor rather than releasing new music, Texas hip-hop lost one of its most brilliant and distinctive voices. The Texas rapper, known for his lightning-quick rhyming style and talent for writing infectiously catchy R&B and pop choruses (examples include “Ridin'” and “Good Morning”), first got his start with the Houston gang The Color Changin’ Click (founded with Paul Wall) before going solo.

Chamillionaire has only released two albums in his career, but when you combine them with his Mixtape Messiah series, you have one of the most talented Texas rappers who can spew vicious bars, sing and dance hooks, and construct complete tunes. Although Chamillionaire has recently gained more recognition for his work in tech investments with his Maker Studios, Upfront Ventures, and social app Convos, there is little doubt that his name belongs on the list of the greatest Texas rappers of all time.


Trae Tha Truth Releases New Song 'Hope It Don't Change You': Listen – Billboard

Trae The Houston rapper Truth has become a living legend in his community thanks to his deep, raspy voice, hard-hitting songs, and charitable work. Because of how closely he is associated with the city’s name, the mayor formally declared July 22 to be Trae Day in 2008. In addition, Trae founded the non-profit Relief Gang, a now-global relief agency carrying out important community service.

The music of Trae The Truth has a gritty, realist undercurrent. His rhymes are more insightful and poetic than your standard gangsta rap. After years of local success, he entered the national spotlight in 2012 thanks to his signing to T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, which allowed him a broader platform to release music.

Rappers right from DALLAS: 

10 Essential Dallas Rap Tracks - D Magazine

Rappers from Fort Worth and Dallas have always had a sizable market because they are located in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. This market extends beyond the two North Texas cities, including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and other nearby states.

In the past, rap artists like Twisted Black, Dorrough, Charlie Boy, Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Mr. Lucci, Mr. Pookie, Big Chief, and a few more caused the rap scene in the two cities to blossom in the 2000s. While some musicians were only well-known locally or regionally, artists like Dorrough enjoyed more national success.

Numerous rappers from Dallas and Fort Worth have, as already said, transcended the local scene to become well-known across the country. 

One of the most prominent rap performers in the world, Yella Beezy, is at the top of the list. Before “That’s On Me,” Yella Beezy released songs with catchy music and unfiltered lyrics. Both the fine artists Mo3 and Lil Loaded, who passed away during the middle of their prime time and at the zenith of their professional lives, came after the Oak Cliff native. One may argue that after their deaths, Lil Loaded and Mo3 have taken their places as the top rap acts in the DFW, thanks to their street edge and street harmonies, respectively.

Female rap talents: Erica Banks, Asian Doll, Cuban Doll, S3nsi Molly, and Enchanting 

List of Dallas rap artists : 

10 New Hip-Hop Artists From Texas You Should Know

  • Vanilla ice 
  • Post Malone 
  • Lil Twist 
  • Asian doll
  • The D.O.C. 
  • Erica Banks
  • Yella Beezy
  • Big Lurch
  • Big Tuck
  • Freddie Bruowboy
  • Asian Doll
  • Dorrough
  • Fila Fresh Crew
  • Trip Lee
  • Lil Twist
  • Lil’ Wil
  • Mr. Lucci
  • Bunny Michael
  • MO3 (rapper)
  • Pikahsso
  • Tha Realest
  • Bobby Sessions
  • Sivion
  • Peyton Alex Smith

Texas Rap songs: 

The 20 Essential Texas Rap Tracks – Texas Monthly

  • Still Tippin’
  • Mike Jones · 2005
  • I’m from Texas
  • Trae tha Truth · 2012
  • Want to Be a Baller
  • Lil’ Troy · 1998
  • Tops Drop
  • Fat Pat
  • 25 Lighters
  • Lil’ Keke · 2001
  • South Side
  • Lil’ Keke · 1997
  • Mind Playing Tricks on Me
  • Geto Boys · 1991
  • Crook for Life
  • Mr. Pookie · 1999
  • Sittin’ Sideways
  • Paul Wall · 2005
  • Get Throwed
  • Bun B · 2005
  • Doobie Ashtray
  • Devin The Dude · 2002
  • The Way We Ball
  • Lil’ Flip · 2002
  • I Must Be High
  • SPM · 2001
  • We From Texas
  • Lil’ Keke · 2021
  • My Block
  • Scarface · 2008
  • Houston (Home of the Texans)
  • Slim Thug · 2007
  • My Dougie
  • Lil Will · 2008
  • Savage
  • Megan Thee Stallion · 2020
  • Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta
  • Geto Boys · 1992
  • Pocket Full of Stones
  • UGK · 1992
  • Chunk Up Da Duece
  • Lil’ Keke · 2006
  • Texas · 2021
  • Still Tippin’
  • Mike Jones · 2005
  • Texas Bad Boi
  • Mikel Knight · 2010


The world should Learn From Texas. How the current Texas rap scene is breaking new ground for a new generation of artists and creatives

Texas has transformed into a music epicenter where local up-and-comers are on the fast track to headliner status thanks to the meteoric rise of homegrown megastars. To predict the future of rap, the industry is currently looking to the Lone Star State.

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