You Do Not Need to Explain Your Life to Anyone

There is nothing that says you need Unique Press to share your life goals, your dreams, and your future with anyone who has nothing to do with where you are going in your life. Your life is your private business, and others external to you do not affect where you go or don’t go in your life. You are the Master Designer and Master Programmer of your life, and you do not owe anyone an explanation of your life, nor do you need anyone’s approval of what you are doing with your life.

People will try to insinuate themselves into your life on the pretense of being for you when trying to get information regarding your private life. While you can be extremely trusting, you do not need to trust everyone with your life, goals, and dreams. While there is nothing wrong with bouncing ideas off others, the final decision of your life lies with you. You can listen to others, but make sure you are also listening to and trusting yourself.

You Do Not Need to Explain Your Life to Anyone 1

No one outside of you knows you much better than how you know yourself. You have it in you to make the best decisions for your life. Your choices do not need any final approval from anyone outside of you. When you decide on your life, it is final, and the only person who can negate those decisions should be you. If those decisions do not work for you, you can go back to square one and revise those decisions until you feel right.


Learn to believe in yourself, believe in your mind, believe in and trust your heart, and listen to the inner messages of your soul. If we put our lives in the hands of others, we will end up where they are going, and that may not be where we ultimately want to end up. There is a saying that goes, “When climbing the ladder of success, make sure it is not leaning against someone else’s wall.

Author Unknown. Your higher self, your spiritual self, guides your life, so someone outside of you cannot dictate nor determine where you and your life are going. You are driven by something deeper inside of you. Therefore, it is important to release the need to listen to what other people think is best for your personal life. Try Updates.

There comes a time when we must step back from everyone in the external world and refocus on ourselves and where we are going. That is not something we can do if we have everyone in our lives saying everything that will only serve to create chaos and confusion in our lives. To move our lives forward instead of backward, we must disengage our thoughts from the thoughts of others. We need to clear our mind, heart, and soul not to be blocked by anything in our external world.

When we have spent years building up our lives, weeding out things that do not equal healthy living, others do not have a say in our lives. When individuals do not understand what is going on in your life, they will try to overpower your life, demand that you follow what they say, and that they know what is best for you. As a result, before you know it, everything you have built up is now in tatters. You are no longer a child. You can determine what is best for you. Focus on your thoughts for your life and not allow external reviews to derail your life. That is why you do not need to explain your life to anyone, and you do not need to let the world into your life.

We cannot be weak-minded when living our lives on our terms. That means we cannot take a passive stance when leading our lives. If other people’s thoughts are not on our wavelength, we will only invite trouble, chaos, and confusion into our lives. Because eventually, those thoughts will creep into your mind and cloud your judgment. Before you know it, your life mind and your life are crashing. It is important to respect your own life and your thoughts for your life.

Do not let anything cloud your mind, preventing you from effectively and powerfully leading your life. It is impossible to teach your mind in chaos and confusion. So because you are the gatekeeper of your life, you do not need to explain your life to anyone; you also have the right to move your life forward away from anything that will only serve to keep on breaking down your life.

When we can own our lives and realize we know what is best for ourselves, we will no longer need to explain our lives to anyone. We are no longer children that need to explain our actions to our Caretakers. You have everything in you that can tell you if you are going in the right direction. What is the right direction for you will not be the direction for others.

That is why we cannot be clones. We need to own our individual lives. Unfortunately, if we are constantly bombarded by outside noise, we will never be able to lead our lives powerfully and effectively. That will lead to you crashing your life because you are constantly concerned with how others think of you, how others see you, and what others believe of you.

Whether positive or negative, others think that your decisions concerning your life are none of your business. They do not guide your life. What matters is how you see yourself, what you think of yourself, and what you believe about yourself. If others do not like how you live your life on your terms, they can take their acquaintance elsewhere. Do not budge on your life values and principles.

When you truly live on your life values and principles, you will seek to operate in the best way of yourself. Of course, if you are involved in an intimate relationship, you cannot just be for yourself. However, when you can own your own life, you can co-exist in a close relationship more powerfully, and you will not allow yourself to be treated like a doormat. We must stand fully in ourselves, leading our lives in whatever direction our higher spiritual self guides us.

About the Author:

Trudy-Ann Ewan is a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Spiritual Wholistic Life Guide who specializes in working with Individuals in their Journey to building a balanced, holistic, and healthy relationship with themselves to create and live a passionate, powerful life so they can make the life they desire. To read more from Trudy-Ann, visit her website: []. Feel free to contact Trudy-Ann Ewan via the website if interested in her Speaking and Coaching Services.

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