It Is Your Birthright To Live A Beautiful Life!

The beauty about owning our own Travel Knowledge  life and owning our Self is that we can go anywhere that we desire in our life. If we are drawn to something and it fulfills us then we stick with it until it no longer serves a purpose. We have the FREEDOM to chose whatever it is in life that will make us happy and contented. That’s the beauty about life, our life. Whatever you want to do in your life as long as you have the means with which to do it then by all means go ahead and start creating and living your passionate life. No one outside of you can block your abundance and your blessings. Living our own life can be difficult because that would mean that we break away from all the things that is or has the potential to hold us back. It takes strength to walk away from something that is not contributing to us living a beautiful life. But once we get the inner strength to go after our unique life then nothing can hold us back. We will free that caged bird and soar high above the mountain tops.

When we decide to live our own life we will travel down many paths before we settle on the path that is true and right for us. Have fun with your life. Take up that Portuguese language class that you always wanted to try out. Go take Ballroom Dance lessons and learn to do the Foxtrot, the Cha-Cha or my personal favourite, The Samba. Start feeding your creative self. Travel to a country that you always wanted to visit. Nothing is holding you back unless you are the one holding yourself back. Don’t be afraid to explore life. You only have one life to live, so live it up and have fun doing so. Bring laughter and happiness to your life. There is so much beauty in this world and that beauty should be apart of your life. Now, usually I do not like the word should, but there is a time when you “should” be doing something and a time when you “shouldn’t do something. If you are doing something to please other people and to gain their approval, then you “shouldn’t”, but if you are doing something that brings about your happiness, then by all means you “should” be doing that. Do what makes you happy.



Instead of following the crowd, blaze your own trail and walk your own path. Live the life that you want, not one that was carved out by Society. Create and live your own values and morals. You are not supposed to seek permission from anyone outside of you to live the life that is yours. You are no longer a child. Do not give anyone outside of you that kind of power over your life. Always remember that you are not living to seek approval from anyone outside of you. You are the approval that you seek. Remember that! There is not a set blueprint of life that everyone should follow. That would only make us clones. We have to create our own unique life, a life that makes us blissfully happy, not a life that makes us depressed and jaded with life. I know the two lives and I can tell you the life that makes me blissfully happy is the perfect and only choice for me now and going forward. Anything less and it will not be accepted into my life. There is no reason that we should live life unhappy, depressed and dejected. There is more out there in life and we all can have it only if we begin to believe that we are deserving of such a life. It is our Birthright to live a beautiful life. Anything less is not acceptable.

Live a life that you can later share with your grandkids. Live a life that you can look back on and smile or laugh in giddiness. Create memories now instead of ending up later in life with a lot of coulda, shoulda, woulda’s. Live it up. Be crazy, be wild, be daring, be gutsy. Try something at least once. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, at least you tried it. I have hiked through the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, ate dinner with the Indians living in the jungle, swam with the Pink Dolphins and more. My next adventure I would like to try Scuba Diving and I have to go Rafting down the Rio Grande River in Portland, Jamaica, W.I at least once in my life. I have climbed the famed Dunns River Falls and I’m constantly seeking out more adventures.

Your life does not have to be linear. Success does not happen in a straight line. There are a lot of trial and errors that is part of the learning and growth process. If something does not work out, try something else. Don’t worry about the money. If it is your passion then the money will follow. If it makes you happy, then it is money well spent. If it doesn’t make you happy, it is still money well spent, because you learned what doesn’t work for you. Not-to-mention, think of all the connections you will have made or the things that you were able to learn about yourself. Things that you may not have known before. Life is always a win/win. Everything that we do brings us some greatness.

Remember, happiness is not found at the end of the Journey. It is found along the way. So stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the sunset or the sunrise. Go take a walk and enjoy the Divine creation of Life. Open your life to the beauty that is within and is on the outside. Start living a life that you can deliriously love. Where ever it is that your life need to be, it will get there in due time. Until then, enjoy the ride of life. And even after you have reached your goal, still continue to enjoy life. There are many wonders of life still waiting to be explored.

Never give up on your life. If your life was knocked off it’s axis it will take some time to build up back your life and climb back up to the pinnacle of your life. Whatever it is that you want, put it out in The Universe and let The Universe worry about the “how”. The “how” is not our concern. Follow your dreams, follow your bliss. Stop living an ordinary life. It is time you upped the ante on your life and start living an extraordinary life. There is no reason why we shouldn’t live a beautiful life. If you want to know how large you can live your life, then look at the vast expansion of The Universe. There is no end to The Universe, therefore, there is no end to your beautiful and abundant life. Of course, always remember to share your life and your abundance with others. Live your Birthright. Live life on your terms. Move to the beat of your own Drums.

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