The Most Useful Test Automation Tools Of 2016

During recent years the application market undergoes changes and enhances at a rate of knots. The QA department permanently monitors all novelties fairs in the IT sphere, especially those which concern the automation tools.

It happens so because, in order to check the work of application, one usually executes automated testing. With the help of properly organized automation tests, a tester can insure himself from the time wasting and minimize the human factor during the bugs detection.

That is where the work of automation tools makes a true difference in the QA team routine. Nowadays, luckily, there are a great number of specified tools on the Software market. Another good thing about is that not all of them are on a fee basis, moreover, in this case, “free of charge” does not mean the low-quality title. Quite a number of unpaid tools are permanently used by software testing companies. But how one can make a right choice selecting the tool? Let’s consider this.

How to Choose the Right Automation Tool?

define the tests to be performed;
realize the automation expectations;
examine the automation titles market;
with regard to budget limitations execute a trial run of 2 best tools;
choose the best of them;
make a presentation to other members of the QA team with the strong arguments;
in the case of a positive estimate, go on to the test procedure.
Having performed all above-mentioned steps, any person involved in the quality assurance achieved the new experience and knowledge in his field. What does the modern software market offer to the testers? Among the great majority of tools, one should pay special attention to the several ones listed below.



What Are the Best Automation Tools of the Year?

Robotium. This absolutely free of charge product can be used during user interface testing or be of great help while black bow testing execution. It suits for Android applications and supports all versions beginning from Android 1.6.

Testdroid. This mobile game program is aimed to fulfil mobile application testing with both Android and iOS platforms. However, it is not free.

Appium. Another one free automation product which intended for the automated tests writing. It supports as Android versions (starting from Android 2.3) as iOS platform. Any programming language can be used during the automated test creation.

Monkey Runner. This tool can be engaged in regression testing, manage multiple devices, and does not require the source code.

Selendroid. It fits both native and hybrid applications and can interact with several Android devices simultaneously. It mostly applied during user interface testing on the mobile devices.
To perform mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing efficiently these methods should be adjusted for each company and each project.
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