Web Design Trends in 2016: Capitalising on Improvements From 2015

A one-and-a-half decade into My Amend the 21st century, the Internet has probably become one of the biggest influencing technologies on earth. It is arguably man’s biggest invention to date. Hence, it’s quite obvious that all industries associated with the Web itself have grown in magnitude and prominence. Web design has also evolved in the same way, and in fact, the Internet has become the greatest platform to showcase creativity. No wonder that so many web design agencies worldwide have gathered steam. But, into the 2nd quarter of 2016, what has happened to the following design trends until now?

Getting down with it, there is not just a single design philosophy that might lead the charge in 2016, but, in fact, quite a few such. Here, let’s look at some design trends that have emerged or are on the verge of prominence. Bold Colour Patterns: This is a definite winner. If you look at some of the biggest brands and their websites, everyone around the globe is going for a bolder, more colorful look and feel. This is also the reason that contrast is preferred. So, rather than simple, muted color combinations, expect trends to follow bolder color patterns. Slicker Animations: We have already almost adopted this. With GIFs taking social media by storm and websites becoming sleeker by the day, it is time to evolve the animations you are so used to. In the future, stop expecting plane-jane animations and those age-old hourglass-loading animations (okay, that has already been dealt with).



Material Design Language: With shadows and subtle animations to emphasize interactions, Material design was originally a design philosophy invented by Google in 2014. But rather than just being restricted to smartphones, it is now progressively used by numerous websites, and many of them already display webpages on mobile devices based on Material Design. Website design trends in 2016 will continue in the same vein, and you can expect even more prominence for Material design shortly.

Notifications, Personalisations: You might have already noticed this. Quite a few websites now support push notifications from browsers like Google Chrome. This shall be an integral point for websites dependent on content sharing and online businesses. And yes, add personalization features to that checklist as well.

The above sneak peek will give you an idea of the web design trends your website shall follow and what you can expect to garner popularity in the future. But yes, there is one tiny detail that we are missing here: Design is abstract, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Any method could work for you, sometimes even the ones that defy all trends, as stated above. The key is to get advice from website design companies and look for flexible options in the sector. In a nutshell, expect the trends from last year to come back with greater finesse in 2016.

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