Top 3 Social Media Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2016

Social Media is the life and Enjoy Life soul of today’s human populace. Obviously, with the amount of interest it holds in an average human’s life, the trends involved affect every individual in business or otherwise. Gone are the days when social media was just a tool for personal gratification; today, it’s a center where millions of businesses occur. Almost every company has stepped into Social Media Marketing, not only for promotion but to create brand awareness for their products and services. The impact an Online Presence can have on a company’s reputation is rather powerful. It is an open channel where customers can announce their views about your business and products. So, let’s check out what is hot in 2016 on the social media front:

Top 3 Social Media Trends That Will Rule the Roost in 2016 1

1. The Videos Rage

Live Streaming Videos are all the rage these days. In this instant world, people like to view and understand things as soon as they happen, and thanks to the great advances in communication, we can now get news around the globe in a matter of minutes. With the launch of apps like Periscope and Meerkat in 2015, streaming live videos were the hot and happening trend in 2016. The apps are so well-defined that they are available on iOS and Android and can stream more than 100,000 videos every day. Social Media Marketers who look for new and innovative methods to promote their products are counting their blessings on these apps since they act as a phenomenal tool where they can reach their target audience bang on.


2. The E-commerce Trends

Social media is an amazing tool to enhance customer interaction and engagement. It is an open window to your business since the customers directly post their suggestions and comments on your products or services. In 2014, Social Media Sales reached 3.3 million dollars in the United States. Research and surveys have established that people trust a social media site more than a website while buying a product online. This has influenced the Social Media Giants to introduce e-commerce-centric features to help marketers promote their business. The 360 Ad features introduced by Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites are a boon to today’s marketers. It allows them to get instant results and feedback about their products and promotions involved with the consequences. Digital Marketers should be smart enough to weave these features into their Social Media Strategies and content for a better and more satisfying marketing experience.

3. The Mobile Mania

Smartphones are in vogue today, and no one can deny that fact. 2015 showed a dramatic increase in mobile traffic and was remarkably marked when mobile took over desktop internet traffic in most developed countries worldwide. Smartphones have made communication technology easier, and everyone wants to stay connected even on the move. Today, it is not just smartphones but smartwatches and smart TVs that have become a prime target for Digital Marketers across the globe as a medium to sell their products and advertise their wares. Mobile Apps have become so prominent that many say roughly 14% of online customers refuse to do any business with a company that does not have an online presence that is not supported on the mobile device.

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