Which Should I Choose – Blogger Or WordPress?

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to get a presence on the web. If you’re ready to start blogging, you must look at how to set up your new blog, including selecting what kind of blogging platform you want to use. You will need software that you can use reasonably easily. You will turn whatever you want to write into a site that looks professional and can be accessed by visitors, who will find it easy to navigate your new location. There are only two basic blogger platforms: WordPress and Blogger. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so if you need to know what they are to help you decide which way to go, you should read on and figure out which would be best for your needs.


Blogger has several advantages:

The first is that Google owns it, so any links you post in your blog will be looked at favorably by the world’s biggest search engine. It’s also effortless for beginners to start using it right away. Blogger setup is straightforward – all you have to do is follow a few clear prompts. There is nothing to install. Blogger is free to use – you don’t have to purchase a domain name. The Blogger system will give you a site address based on the keyword you put in during setup. However, since Blogger is so popular, the major keywords will probably be taken already. Ease of use. It’s easy to post to your blog and also change the look of your blog. It’s all done through the Bloggers dashboard function. You can manage multiple blogs from the same dashboard if you have numerous blogs set up.

Which Should I Choose - Blogger Or WordPress? 1

Blogger does have some major drawbacks if you want to use a blog to make money.

There is a lack of flexibility. When you compare it to WordPress, you can do minimal things with it. There are custom themes for Blogger that you can download and install, but most are the same. This means that your Blogger blog will find it hard to stand out from all the others, especially if they use the same theme. Ownership: You don’t own your Blogger site, and bloggers can take away your blog anytime if you break the rules.

The other option for your blog is WordPress.

WordPress lets you use your domain name. Then, you install WordPress on your site, which is also very easy to do, provided your Cpanel uses Fantastico. If it does, setting up a blog on a site is straightforward. You can do it in less than two minutes. Many themes and a host of plug-ins will increase your blog’s usefulness without you knowing anything about programming. However, WordPress does have some problems. It is not as user-friendly as Blogger, plus it will cost you some money to buy your domain name and get a hosting package.

But despite these disadvantages, most professional bloggers use WordPress because they can maintain their ownership of their blogs and customize them as much as they want to. I chose WordPress for my Canberra marketing site for those reasons. I would, of course, advise you to look at both options. Set up a new blog on both Blogger and WordPress, and then you will have a basis for your blogging decision.

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