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10 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Podcast

We’ve assembled a complete listing of why every Real Estate expert must begin with podcasting now if they aren’t already.

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1. The electricity of wealthy media.

Home selling is a dynamic medium, which implies a want to deliver compelling advertising and marketing substances if you want to exhibit belonging efficaciously or a commercial enterprise. Podcasts (both audio andand video) allow for a degree of interplay and consumer experience that immediately fulfills this desire, giving sellers a rich medium to advertise their pursuits across the internet very efficaciously.

2. Economic Relevance.

Real Estate buyers and dealers are at greater risk of being broadband net users than the general populace. In addition, podcasts leverage broadband connections to make wealthy media content material circulate and deliver online, making them especially on hand and appealing to the actual property enterprise.

3. RSS Subscription technology.

Podcasts serve as a distributable form of content material that may be updated without delay and right away. For example, suppose a realtor wants to showcase a new belonging they have just added. In that case, they will be produced and published the same day, making the content available to all the subscribers, list websites, and aggregators immediately. The dynamic nature of the actual estate’ data alternate’ is great health for the speedy, adaptable medium of podcasts and RSS.

4. Technological Relevance.

Realtors have usually been at the ‘cutting part’ of generation. With reachability as a mantra and a competitive vital, realtors had mobile phones years before loads of teens within the mall. Podcasts are most certainly ‘the recent new generation’ right now for many motives in phrases of internet communications. As such, they may be a powerful, aggressive weapon for real estate professionals.


5. The numbers.

Eighty percent of clients seeking out residences begin their search on the net. Since the net is now transitioning to those and video as the content formats of choice, what better place is there to focus your advertising initiatives?

6. Time-shifting. Podcasts are an advertising and marketing tool that probably never stops operating.

They’re e-mailable and downloadable, and users can enroll via RSS feed generation for free. So you can display your listings 24 hours an afternoon anywhere worldwide.

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7. Distribution of content material.

The Podcast era combines the advantages of superior list information with exceedingly extensive syndication and distribution to the goal markets and purchaser customers for excessive-give-up belongings listings and the main engines like Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, iTunes, and all of the internet’s podcast directories. By aggressively embracing today’s advanced era gear, it lets you grow your advertising mar,keting, and sales success with your real property clients.

8. The online revel in.

Today’s customers want an experience, and they want it online. Agents can deliver marketing content and belongings listings to these clients at once. This gives the capability client a higher view of the dealer’s enterprise, marketplace, and even their property listings – making the agent tons more marketable online.

9. An accelerated pace.

Today’s market is characterized byby increasingly more tech-savvy domestic consumers searching out particular on-call records, so placing podcasts to paintings may be the difference to getting houses bought faster to the proper client.

10. The buzz.

Experts expect that the variety of online podcasts and slideshow home tours will multiply dramatically over the subsequent couple of years because of numerous elements, which include opposition to listings and increasingly more low-cost and clean-to-use generation.

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